June 22 - December 5, 2021

Jacqueline Ferrante
Participating artists: Saskia Fleishman, Christina Graham, MaryKate Maher, Isabelle Schneider, Lesley Wamsley

Artist Reception
: September 16, 2021, 6-9pm.


The Yard: Lincoln Square is pleased to present PORTALS, curated by Jacqueline Ferrante. 

presents five artists who explore the perception of time, space, and access in their work. Through varied media, each artist creates a portal - an illusory space in which we can get lost, reflect, dream, and find ourselves again.

The work in PORTALS speaks to our current social and cultural life; moving into new and unknown spaces. Immersed in this new dimension, we can reimagine and connect with others and ourselves, re-establish balance and gain access to another perspective.

The Yard: Lincoln Square is open to visitors Monday - Friday from 10am - 4:30pm, or by appointment. Masks are required. For further information or to schedule an appointment, please contact jacqferrante@gmail.com.

The Yard: Lincoln Square
157 Columbus Ave, Floor 4+5, New York, NY


Saskia Fleishman
’s works create an alternative way of thinking and identifying memories embedded within landscapes, where nothing is absolute and everything is relative. They form a space to contemplate points in our past, and our relationship to the life cycles of the landscapes we inhabit and pass through. 


Christina Graham
's work uses windows, mirrors, and curtains as a means of exploring the subjectivity of perceptual experience. Her practice has become increasingly about looking and feeling. Color vibrates in the edges of shadows, shifting relative to its surroundings, becoming a physical representation of the collapse of time and the poetics of lived experience. 


MaryKate Maher
’s collages focus on the compression of light and space. Gradients play with the viewer’s sense of volume and dimension; forms and themes repeat like fragments of a visual grammar. 


Isabelle Schneider
’s meditative, lens-based mixed media works are a surreal convergence of shadows, light and/or reflections that often encapsulate a harmony between nature and modernity, evoke a sense of peace and neighborhood bliss and  blur the boundaries between perception and experience. 


Lesley Wamsley
's works explore the experience of intimacy within nature, asking what are we looking at right now, and why? Her brushwork and reductive touch, keyed to looking and responding, capture the eternal present. 


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